It’s your turn to discover how to drastically revolutionize, customize, and modernize your manual manufacturing processes.
What modernization looks like for new hires...
  • Higher initial productivity
  • Less time to reach full productivity
  • Higher maximum productivity

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What modernization looks like for new hires...
  • Higher initial productivity
  • Less time to reach full productivity
  • Higher maximum productivity

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a True Smart
Factory Solution

What is Work Automate?

WORK AUTOMATE™ is a software platform that helps you achieve semi-automated manual manufacturing by synchronizing the previously disparate solutions of traditional instructions, manual operations, and hand recording of process data.

Why manufacturing needs semi-automation

Organizations that successfully transition to semi-automation make rapid advancements in their Smart Factory initiative by digitizing their processes, enhancing their applications, and fueling their third-party analytics tools with data previously unavailable.

WORK AUTOMATE™ future-proofs your Smart Factory and increases THROUGHPUT by:

  • STANDARDIZING instructions in a consistent and easy to understand visual format
  • Tying in electronic communication and control (industrial IOT) to automate manual processes
  • Digitally recording and managing DATA with our integrated data management system
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Interconnected problems require Integrated Solutions

#Interconnected problems require Integrated Solutions


Standard Work

WORK AUTOMATE™ makes your manual processes easy to learn by providing visually intuitive work instructions, cycle-time tracking, and worker certification. Use these applications so in the future you can tie-in IOT and digitally record your process data.

What Visual Work Instructions can do for you:

  • Visual Work Instructions
  • Worker Certification
  • Cycle-Time Tracking


Industrial IOT

WORK AUTOMATE™ helps to error proof your manual processes by providing the digital technology to effectively integrate your electronic tools & peripheral devices with your visual work instructions. Doing this semi-automates your manual processes and can drastically improve your THROUGHPUT.

What Electronic Communication & Control can do for you:

  • Seamless coordination between worker and machines
  • Automation where applicable
  • In-Process Quality Control instead of downstream inspection


Data Management

WORK AUTOMATE™ creates well tracked manual processes by capturing your most critical, previously unrecorded, and ever-elusive process DATA from workers and machines—further ensuring compliance and minimizing risk in the regulatory landscape that is manufacturing.

What Data Management Can Do For You:​

  • Eliminate, replace hand-recording with automated acquisition
  • Real-time reporting, built in or customized
  • In-process error-proofing, go / no go, tolerance & range checks

“This was the most informative, helpful demo that I have attended in 5, 10 years… maybe forever! I can immediately see things we need to implement to make us more productive.”

William T.
Multi-National Aerospace Manufacturer

“Such an informative presentation. Not only did I learn a ton about semi-automation and modernization, but I’m going to start rethinking how we measure productivity moving forward.”

Robert T.
Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

“I am a longtime Manufacturing Executive and have sat in on 100’s of demos, but Jon and Darren’s demo has me walking away with applicable ideas that I couldn’t even dream of.”

Leonard N.
Low Volume Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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