Modernize Your Manual Manufacturing

Work Automate synchronizes digital work instructions, industrial IOT, and the digital recording of process data, creating well integrated workflows to drastically improve manual manufacturing.
What Modernization with Semi-Automation also looks like...
  • Higher productivity when first hired
  • Less time to reach full productivity
  • Higher maximum productivity

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What Modernization with Semi-Automation also looks like...
  • Faster New Worker Productivity
  • Higher New Worker Productivity
  • Higher Worker Maximum Productivity

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a True Smart
Factory Solution

What is Work Automate?

WORK AUTOMATE™ is a software platform that helps you achieve semi-automated manual manufacturing by synchronizing the previously disparate solutions of traditional instructions, manual operations, and hand recording of process data.

Why manufacturing needs semi-automation

Organizations that successfully transition to semi-automation make rapid advancements in their Smart Factory initiative by digitizing their processes, enhancing their applications, and fueling their third-party analytics tools with data previously unavailable.

WORK AUTOMATE™ future-proofs your Smart Factory and increases THROUGHPUT by:

  • STANDARDIZING instructions in a consistent and easy to understand visual format
  • Tying in electronic communication and control (industrial IOT) to automate manual processes
  • Digitally recording and managing DATA with our integrated data management system
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Standard Work


Interconnected problems require Integrated Solutions

Interconnected problems require Integrated Solutions

Digitized Standard Work

WORK AUTOMATE™ provides powerful tools to easily digitize your processes to create visually intuitive work instructions, cycle-time tracking, and worker certification. Use these applications so in the future you can tie-in IOT and digitally record your process data.

What Visual Work Instructions can do for you:

  • Visual Work Instructions
  • Cycle-Time Tracking
  • Worker Certification

Industrial IOT

WORK AUTOMATE™ empowers you with the ability to integrate your electronic tools & peripheral devices with your visual work instructions. Doing this will semi-automate your manual processes and drastically improve your THROUGHPUT

What Electronic Communication & Control can do for you:

  • Seamless coordination between worker and machines
  • Automation where applicable
  • In-Process Quality Control instead of downstream inspection

Digital Recording

WORK AUTOMATE™ unlocks and captures your most critical, previously unrecorded, and ever-elusive process DATA from workers and machines—further ensuring compliance and minimizing risk in the regulatory landscape that is manufacturing.

What Data Management Can Do For You:​

  • Eliminate, replace hand-recording with automated acquisition
  • Real-time analytics and reporting, In-process error-proofing
  • Share data with enterprise level systems such as ERP & MES
Helping manufacturing companies
to adopt Semi-Automation

“This was the most informative, helpful demo that I have attended in 5, 10 years… maybe forever! I can immediately see things we need to implement to make us more productive.”

William T.
Multi-National Aerospace Manufacturer

“Such an informative presentation. Not only did I learn a ton about semi-automation and modernization, but I’m going to start rethinking how we measure productivity moving forward.”

Robert T.
Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer

“I am a longtime Manufacturing Executive and have sat in on 100’s of demos, but Jon and Darren’s demo has me walking away with applicable ideas that I couldn’t even dream of.”

Leonard N.
Low Volume Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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